National Examination term makes the students stressed, under pressure and scared the student even the schools too. So, National Examination should be eliminated. Why do I say that?

Firstly, National Examination only takes the final result of the students test; it’s only determined by student’s ability in one time and in one test, without seeing the process before the National Examination. However, the learning process that has been done by the students is not much helpful in their report book.

Secondly, when it has been come a few days or months to go, the students and also the schools are starting to worry about the preparation. The students get stress and the school busy to think how the school can help the student pass their National Examination. Moreover, there are some schools finally tried to manipulate the students data’s especially the score. Because they are to worry how if their students cannot pass in that examination. Meanwhile that something unexpected by the school and also the students.

Finally, the students are not expected to be a good student who will lead this country in the future. Regardless, our country needs someone who is not only excellent in academic but also the character such as integrity.

So, I do agree if the National Examination should be eliminated. Therefore let us find another way to know or to determine the student’s ability.


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